ZABRA is a center for POSTHUMAN CREATION and RESEARCH that, through a TRANSDISCIPLINARY approach and INTERSPECIES dialogue, explores POSTNATURE for contemporary creation through the intersection of ART, TECHNOLOGY and SCIENCE. These lines of creation and research take on various forms and formats, including the PRODUCTION, encompassing artistic and academic experimentation RESIDENCIES, PUBLICATIONS, and a specific programme with a range of activities, including PERFORMANCES, AUDIOVISUAL INSTALLATIONS, TALKS, WORKSHOPS, and COURSES.

We believe in an ecosystem that puts Art, Technology and Science in communication to create meta-realities. Our team is multidisciplinary and liquid, bringing together a network of Artists,  Programmers, Neuroscientists even Robotics Engineers and Fashion Designers in in our creative aproaches.

For each project we build a unique and dedicated team. Boundaries are Illusions.
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