ZABRA participated in the XXVI Lusófona International Week of Cinema and Media Arts, discussing the role of AI in contemporary creativity. Artistic directors Carincur and João Pedro Fonseca, along with resident artists Lua Carreira and Filipe Baptista, shared their ideas and projects involving artificial intelligence, addressing current concepts and future expectations. In a rapidly transforming world, the very foundations of our activity are being questioned. Creativity, which we perhaps mistakenly considered a bastion of humanity in what some have dubbed the "age of imagination," is no longer an exclusively human domain. Machines, particularly Generative AI systems, are swiftly occupying various territories of human creativity, presenting us with new challenges. The emergence of any technology throughout history brings with it both enthusiasm and panic, and we watch almost incredulously at the pace with which these systems evolve, challenging long-standing models and principles of artistic creation. This is the ideal moment to not only discuss what is already here but to talk about the boundaries we want to set, the limits we deem acceptable, and the opportunities we wish to seize.