The only constant is the intimacy that Zentex always maintained with his machines. Kajastus EP, the 12” produced for ZABRA RECORDS, is a living evidence of that intimacy. The 3 tracks of the album (plus the bonus track on the online edition) remind us that there is an elementary matrix in the mechanical signals and circuits: consistency, repetition, the mechanics of the ghost in the machine. This is where Zentex’s hand penetrates as a wise translator of the abstract and artificial logics that suddenly become sensitive, fluctuating whenever they are forced, tested or contaminated by external elements. The fineness of this work is the ability of transforming the machines’ coldness into the sensitivity of the world. There are also fragments of gospel, unrecognizable postcards of exotic music, contaminated tropicália, in a laissez faire, laissez passer guided by dub through regular beats. There’s (almost) nothing new here. Almost everything was already written. Zentex is just the faithful prophet of this program.