Dragão Inkomodo Etéreo e sem fios a custo zero - 9 temas para colagem digital

Son of the hypermodernism, accelerationism, perspectivism and other ‘isms’.

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Dragão Inkomodo is the son of hypermodernism, accelerationism, perspectivism and other ‘isms’ that don’t say much unless we have entered a vortex in which the cumulative transition assumes itself as a permanent state. Since its first release in 2015, Dragão Inkomodo worked on 26 releases and is now releasing its third LP for Zabra Records: Etéreo e sem fins a custo zero (ethereal and wireless for free): 9 tracks for a digital collage. Disintegration continues here, in the tones and rhythms that were already explored, but with what appears to be a new notion of structure, more free and continuously questioning the very possibility of structure. Everything can be a beat or a break, since here the difference between sound and music is entirely contextual. The post digital synthetic matter that glazes all this, tell us something apparently simple, that we later understand: there are no defined boundaries, much less there are centers. Everything is hybrid and fusion. Dragão Inkomodo was born from modernity, but he’s the lawful son that adapts this modernity to come back and show it with new shapes.

Artwork: Nuno Vicente
Vídeo: João Pedro Fonseca