Carincur Sorry If I Make Love With Sound

Crosses a middle space between light and shadow: anything we can recall as an atmosphere.

︎      ︎    ︎     ︎     ︎

Everything is infused with spectrum, ruins, fantasies, delusions and unsettled ideas. A very fragile narrative is asserted here and there, sometimes through its own voice, others with collages of other people's material, giving us the minimum clue to access Carincur intimacy. Something is happening above diminished bodies, sedated minds, alienated identities and the possibility of the human being itself. The theme is apocalyptic, but the idea is from someone who’s not afraid of being restless, since restlessness allows always one last attempt.

We can observe a few references in Carincur’s work, such as Grouper or Ingla Copeland, or even the eternals Laurie Anderson and Delia Derbyshire; but her music is wider than something we can compare it with. In the middle of the scattered atmospheres, there’s something we can touch, alive and with an horizon renowned whenever we hear it. “Sorry If I Make Love With Sound” is also about the possibility of finding new reasons in the inbetween: to start over again, away from crystallized classifications. 

Written and produced by Inês Cardoso.
Artwork by Joana Carneiro.
Recorded and mastered by Bruno Barroso at Rubydiscos.