WIRED DREAMS by João Pedro Fonseca at ZABRA 2023

The performance edefines the body's role in consciousness. Memories are reinterpreted, senses amplified, and machines act as catalysts for exploring the human condition. It challenges our understanding of the body's role and proposes a shared universal consciousness beyond it. Using robotics and technical elements, the performance guides the audience through a dreamlike narrative, emphasizing the interconnectedness of body and machine.

João Pedro Fonseca live at RARE EFFECTS festival 2022

Carincur w/ João Pedro Fonseca at ADAO / OUT.FEST 2022

TELLURIAN by Carincur and João Pedro Fonseca w/ Coro do Carmo live at MUPA festival 2022

Tellurian is a project that explores the effects of fictional agents on organic matter of the earth. The project aims to create a topographic map of organic archetypes of spaces using sound capture and manipulation to produce organic electronic music. This choice crystallizes the traditional and natural heritage of human and natural legacies. The project originated from an artistic residency at the UNESCO Center in Beja, where artists collaborated with the Carmo Choir and Father Cartageno to create an alternative reality. The proposal focuses on the choir and performance, using technological tools to transform captured voices into spectral amplitudes in the moment.


It’s transdisciplinary performance, exploring visual, sound and digital arts. The music composition manipulates digital sound and image through water, creating a new ecosystem where organic and non-organic matter interact, forming an abstract narrative on fragmented memory, time and space. The performance/installation reflects on human existence's volatile memory, using an instrument of an acrylic water tank and hydrophones. This immersive experience alludes to the liquidity of memory and identity, culminating the artist’s journey after testing the project in Lisbon.

DILATED PERCEPTION by ZABRA [audiovisual installation] 2022

DILATED PERCEPTION is a creation by the ZABRA collective that evokes a visual and sound environment focused on the nature of human perception and the accelerated impact of new technologies on individual and collective consciousness. The piece is a "mental landscape" in which artificial fog and strobe light deconstruct physical space. A psychedelic architecture of pure light is generated through an interference phenomenon, stimulating the sensory system. The result is an immersive environment of flickering frequencies where the "real" physical world becomes a vibration, a place where light and sound manifest the hidden dialogues between the machine and the viewer. 

SPECTRUM AWARENESS with Joana Guerra and Angélica Salvi. TBA, Lisbon 2021

Imagined as a journey into the nightlife scene, Spectrum Awareness subverts expectations by manipulating elements such as lasers, glitches, drones, and loops. This collaboration between João Pedro Fonseca, Inês Carincur, and João Valinho expands the boundaries of music, visual arts, and performance, inviting sensorial immersion through improvisation. First presented in 2019 at Temps d'Images festival, the versatile scenic and performative device has been installed in various city spaces. Transforming the space is central to this ritualistic experience, driven by pulsating layers of texture and melody from voice, synthesizers, and percussion.


ANATOMIA DA EXTINÇÃO Appleton Square, Lisbon 2019

Not the most complex habitat. From humble origins - a groove made by truck tires - a puddle had turned into a small lake thanks to rain. Animals settled there: snails, lizards, butterflies, and dragonflies. Weeds grew around it, preventing erosion. Migratory birds now arrived. The vigilance of these animals was different from those in truly wild areas. Thousands of transitional environments remained unnoticed. The border was advancing, colonizing everything with transformative power. What trace of our presence would remain after the border hit us? What new spectator could observe our dramas, as if they were a habitat - dead and lost in time?