resident artists.

Carincur is a transdisciplinary artist based in Lisbon. Her hybrid work combines performance, experimental music, installations, and sound sculptures. She explores themes of fiction/reality, human/machine, and post-human voices, using the body/voice/space/machine as plastic materials. Her work investigates acoustic and visual perception, and the transitions between organic and electronic bodies.

João Pedro Fonseca is a Lisbon-based transdisciplinary artist whose work is dedicated to spectrality, transcendence, transhumanism, experimental territories and immaterial properties. ZABRA‘s founder and manager with Carincur.

Lua Carreira, Lisbon, is a performer and creator whose artistic work focuses on a multidisciplinary approach towards the deconstruction of the performative body through the exploration of technology and the research of new corporeal entities allied with sound, audiovisual and installation creative processes.

Filipe Baptista is a transdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses performance, sound, experimental music, software and installation art. His work often expresses an investigation of the body, from physical matter to immaterial space, in dialogue with the surrounding reality. He strongly recurs to sound and acoustic processes, as well as visual plasticity, as primary agents for creation. His research probes into themes such as memory, the modulation of consciousness, liminality and transcendence.